Body Treatments

We offer an extensive range of body treatments & holistic therapies to help soothe your mind, body & soul. Unwind and soothe those aching muscles with an indulgent expert massage; relax your mind & re-charge your energy levels with a relaxing indian head massage; re-establish your well-being & equilibrium with reiki and the healing hands of Charlotte.

Luxury Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £50.00 (1 hour 30 mins)
The ultimate in relaxation. This luxurious treatment include a full body exfoliation, followed by a full body massage with essential oils of your choice.

Luxury Aromatherapy Back Massage £35.00 (45 mins)
A luxurious treatment that includes a back exfoliation, followed by a massage with essential oils of your choice.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage £40.00 (1 hour)
One hour of pure indulgence with essential oils of your choice. This full body massage is guaranteed to offer relief to tired & aching muscles.

Aromatherapy Back Massage £25.00 (30 mins)
An excellent dinner-time treat. A relaxing treatment with essential oils of your choice. Concentrating on areas of tension in the shoulders & neck.

Hot Stones Full Body Massage £50.00 (1 hour)
The ultimate relaxation massage. Helps to boost circulation, release tension, recharge energy levels and increase your sense relaxation & calm!

Hot Stones Back Massage £30.00 (30 mins)
The ultimate relaxation massage. Includes back, neck and shoulders

Luxury Full Body Exfoliation £31.50 (45 mins)
Ideal for removing dead skin cells prior to going on holiday. It exfoliates, hydrates & defends against ageing. It will leave your skin feeling bright, fresh & alive. Also includes a luxurious moisturising cream.

Indian Head Massage £25.00 (30 mins)
30 minutes of pure indulgence, relieving tension from your head, face, neck & shoulders. Ideal as a present, as this is a treatment that everyone loves.

Universal Contourwrap £65.00 (upto 2 hours)
This world-famous bodywrap is guaranteed to lose 6" with just one treatment. This is the original sea clay body wrap treatment. Course of 3 for just £175.00

Shrinking Violet Bodywrap £75.00 (1 hour 30 mins)
The Bodywrap that is taking the UK by storm! Using a process called Lipolysis, it targets fat in cells which is that naturally excreted by the body.